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Heinrichstasse 267, Eingang A
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the studio

swiss manufacutred architecture, design and engineering, short swiss m.a.d.e, is a Zürich based design atelier with a strong architecture background. Beside our main engagement in architectural projects we promote our own fashion label mugon, founded in 2011. The studio is also involved in product design developments for various clients.

swissmade belives in precise answers, be the question ever so small or might first hand seem trivial. We think design is about humans, their aspirations and their needs. Nomatter how small a answer might seem, with presicion it may change it all.

what we offer

architecture and interior design
product design development

for team swissmade

Léone Kündig, Arch ETH and Joos Kündig, Arch ETH

get in touch

You have that something in your mind or just want to say hi? We are looking forward to get in touch with you!

swissmade Ltd.
Heinrichstasse 267, Eingang A
+41 (0)44 254 53 63